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About Us

Our Farm is a family home and everyone is welcome.


There are often people coming and going or just popping in to say hello and have a coffee. Grandad (Mick) usually appears when the roast beef is coming out of the oven!! As they say "the door is always open" so we like all our owners and friends to feel involved and at ease. Our relaxed and happy atmosphere is translated through to our horses, which is why we have been so successful with tricky and problem horses.

Cherry is the daughter of the legendary North Yorkshire trainer Mick Easterby and wonderful mother Alice. 

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Cherry worked for father Mick after finishing school, in the racing days of Mrs Mcardy (1000 Guineas) and Lochnager (Champion Sprinter).  She rode the super pointer URSER to victory between the flags but did not have a long career as her father usually sold her horses! However she did manage to finish 6th at Bramham horse trails. Later she married Ralph Coward a farmer from Thorganby.

Cherry has always had Point to Pointers and has held an extremely successful Permit with numerous winners.

After we moved to Low Moor Farm in 2000, we have gradually expanded our Point to Point yard and it is from here that Cherry has trained Amicelli to win the Cheltenham Foxhunters in 2008.  ‘Celli’  has then won four more Hunter Chases, two as a ‘Young’ thirteen year old in 2012!! including the Ladies AGA Championship final race.

Ralph - You can imagine what life can be like for poor Ralph outnumbered at times by all the girls but he holds his own very well and cooks a very good steak!


Samantha - Sam went to Harper Adams University Collage in Shropshire. She has her own Crockery business Sam does all the office work and plays a vital role when it comes to entries. As she is out in the yard helping us it is great that she knows what is going on with each horse.

Sam has ridden all her life and is very passionate about hunting, she is a joint master of the Middleton Hunt. As a family we do a lot of hunting especially at the beginning of the point to point season and we find it is great to educate young horses and sweeten up the older ones. Samantha gets very busy with her crockery hire business in the summer so it works out very well as there isnt a great deal of business in winters so she can concentrate on the pointers and hunting. If you want to know exact details Sam is the family member to ask, where as Cherry and Jacqueline are too laid back. It is incredible how the whole family work together but don't get me wrong we do have our tyipical family arguments now and again! Sam can also be known as The Linch Pin!!!


Jacqueline - is the youngest daughter and has always been mad about riding, competing in most disciplines on ponies and horses to Intermediate level in Eventing.  She started Race riding at sixteen, much to her Mothers disappointment, as the Eventers then got neglected.

She had her first Point to Point win on the legendary gray Silver Groom which was trained by her Uncle David Easterby.  Her first flat win was aboard Compton Plume at Thrisk trained by her Grandfather. 

Jacqueline has had great sucesse riding under rules and has ridden winners for high flying trainers like David Pipe, Gordon Elliot and John Quinn, but not least another relation, Tim Easterby.  He has provided Jacqueline with her greatest flat winner, not once but twice; 2011 and 2012, Crackentorp.  Jacqueline has also won the most prestigiouse Ladies Race there is. The Queen Mothers Cup held at York where the winning jockey wins their weight in Champagne.

Jacqueline, however, is far more at home when she has a fence in front of her.  She finished 3rd at Cheltenham Festival in 2012 on Wedger Pardy trained by Kim Bailey in the Cross Country race.  Also at Cheltenham in 2012 she won the Ladies AGA final Hunterchase race on the Legendary old timer Amicelli at the age of 13.

Jacqueline has been Yorkshire ladies champion for 5 years and missed the year 2009 as she suffered a bad head injury in a fall at Catterick.  She broke her back in 2010 season and came back Point to Pointing after just 6 weeks, this shows how dedicated to the sport she really is. In 2012 she was 2nd in the national ladies championship and just losing out when it came to the last few meetings and horses began to dry up.  During the Pointing season Jacqueline has a regular column she writes for the Horse & Hound, so take a look next time you get a copy. In 2013 YORKSHIRE had their first EVER NATIONAL LADIES POINT TO POINT CHAMPION.  She was the third busiest rider throughout the country and took her fair share of tumbles so I know she was definitly ready for the summer holidays that year. 


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