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WE are very lucky to have such fantastic facilities in a beautiful part of the country. 



Various Grass Up Hill Gallops

We only have grass gallops, and have three main ones which are used all year round.  We can even manage to get out when its frosty and snowy and others are stopped!


Schooling Ground

We have a set of Fences and Hurdles which we use on a regular basis and a range of different sized logs scattered around the farm which are jumped as and when, usually quite often by the babys just to give them experience.


Horse Walker

We call him Harry the horse walker as he is a very valid member of our team and we are not sure what we would do without him!!

Huge Open Stable

Our stables are rather large.  Its great as they are very airy and the horses are so happy.  


Grass Turnout

The horses go out whatever the weather!



Our school is great for young horses and we LOVE loose schooling. its great for basics and doing the odd bit of flat work that just has to be done now and again!


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